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Get the most widely used internet from just
199 CZK per month

Up to 250 Mb/s with no data caps and no hidden landline fees.

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Get the best IP TV on the market
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299 CZK

Choose from over 130 great channels, including in HD quality.

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Count on us
Count on us
​​The most widely used wired broadband in Prague. Popular for its stability. You can rely on it fully without having to worry about how much data you have downloaded or uploaded.
Download up to 40 Mb/s.
Download up to 250 Mb/s.
More than half the households where our technology is available are covered by VDSL technology. This allows for downloading speeds of up to 250 Mb/s.
Connect all your devices
Connect all your devices
Using a WiFi modem, you can create a wireless network in your home, thus acquiring unlimited connections for smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and video game consoles.